Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm so glad my parents taught me to share...

Tip of the Tongue Theology

By Todd Lockwood

I shared not too long ago what inspired me to create Tip of the Tongue Theology. Now, I would like to share some more things that inspire me to do what I do. There are many times where I have come across someone in the church that has confessed that they were unaware of a certain theological topic. This is not necessarily the end of the world but there are times where it can do some damage to the body of Christ. Of course, we are all guilty of this since it is impossible to know everything. People who hold to certain beliefs, if not understood, can be isolated as unusual or even heretical. Before anybody rights someone off as so they need to consider one another's beliefs. I am not a theologian by any means but I can do a good job at sharing the theology material that is out there and filling you in on what I do understand. My goal in sharing all that I do is not to give you all the answers, which will never happen, but to give you the answers I have, point you in the right direction, and to help you be aware of the theology out there. I am not going to list all the bad theology that has and is hindering the body of Christ but I do know that a lot of it would be shed off if believers would open up their eyes and ears to theology material. Hopefully, Tip of the Tongue Theology has done some good for you and it is my prayer that it will help unify the body of Christ. Amen.