Monday, January 19, 2015

When does the depravity of man first appear in the Bible?

Adam and Eve ran away from God and hid from him after they sinned. God had to seek Adam and Eve because they would not come to him. And once God confronted them and asked them what they did they did not accept any responsibility for their actions and tried to blame someone else. Their hearts did not desire to seek God and their hearts also did not desire to have their sin confronted. Instead, their hearts desired to run away and hide from God in order to avoid having their sin discovered. It is true that they heard the voice of God and understood that they were accountable to God but they were not willing to reconcile their relationship with God because they were not willing to accept the consequences of sinning against God. In other words, they desired to continue to live in darkness in order to hide from God; it was God who had to draw them to him for there to be reconciliation. The actions of Adam and Eve are consistent with the fallen family that they began according to John 3:19-21 and other scripture. They thought they could hide from God and were not afraid to be defiant once God confronted them. As a member of the fallen family, we are just as foolish and defiant. There is not one righteous and there is not one who seeks after God in our fallen family. God must seek us and draw us to him or else we would all continue to sit in the darkness, thinking that we can somehow hide from him, to escape the consequences of our sin. Some will even go as far as suppressing the knowledge of the existence of God to have a false hope of escaping the consequences of their sins (Rom 1:28, 3:9-18; John 6:44). But there will be nobody that will be able to defy God on the day of judgment. Unless we put our faith in the saving works of Jesus Christ, having our sins nailed to the cross, we have no hope of escaping the wrath of God that will be poured out upon those who have sinned against him.