Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just give me Jesus...

By Todd Lockwood

It is common for someone who has no desire to study the word of God to say, "just give me Jesus." They use it as a statement to detract anybody from thinking that they want to put effort into Bible studies. Most of the time someone like that doesn't have to say anything for it to be realized that they would rather not get into a theological discussion; their body language and expressions give them away before they say anything. Yet, if they feel compelled to share a statement that proves even more that they have no desire to "study to show themselves approved unto God (2 Tim 2:15)", they need to choose another statement other than, "just give me Jesus." Why? To receive Jesus is to receive much more than just himself. By receiving Jesus you are getting everything that is of him. Someone who is given Jesus becomes joint-heirs with him of the same glory and suffering (Rom 8:17). It is probably safe to say that someone who is too lazy to study for God is most likely too lazy to suffer for God as well. See, the confusion is that many have a misunderstanding of what it means to just be given Jesus. It is not a simplistic and irresponsible undertaking by any means. In fact, to be given Jesus is to be given significant responsibility and dedication at the expense of your life (Mark 8:35). Many say, "just give me Jesus" as if Jesus is somehow existing in a vacuum, irrelevant to anything difficult or exhausting. If someone is looking for an effortless path, the last thing they need to say is, "just give me Jesus", because their attitude reveals that they don't want the real Jesus, just an easy life.